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Duncan Allan


Born 1907 died 1986

Married: Fay

Son of: Charles McIntyre North






No Issue





Duncan was a headteacher at Kite Hill School (a preparatory school) where his mother Alice was living with him when she died in 1953. Rodney and Roger North, the grandchildren of George Eliphinstone North, (who was the uncle of Duncan) attended Kite School when Duncan was head master.

A former pupil Martin Borland writes:  “Kite Hill was a private preparatory school - Mr North was the headmaster, and I think also the owner. I found my school reports this morning, with his signature on them!

It was housed in a large corner-site house (probably formerly a residential building), with a very sloping playing field, and I believe it closed around 1963, as Mr North became a teacher at Riddlesdown County Secondary School – also Purley – which I had moved to after Kite Hill. My recollections are 50 years old! “

Keith Davey, a former pupil, kindly lent us a photo of the school in 1957.  He says: The close up shows Mr and Mrs North. The teacher to the left was, if I remember, Mr Maynard who taught music. The young women looked after the little kiddies. The teacher to the far right we called Sherbert but I assume his name was Mr Herbert. And that was the entire staff for some 80 students !

Kite Hill was in a big white house on a corner on Oakwood Road. When we came back for a visit in 1967 it had been torn down and replaced by several new houses.”

Duncan owned an intriguing picture which he said was of “Lady Jane Brownlow North”. Alice Brownlow married Francis 2nd Baron Guilford in 1703 and Brownlow was given as a family name to the first born son thereafter: Thus the Reverent Brownlow North, Bishop of Winchester.  However research indicates there was no Lady Jane Brownlow North but the portrait has been authenticated as being of about the right period.

There is no inscription on the front or back of the painting to show who it is. It seems most likely to have been of Jane Brownlow, sister to Alice or of Alice herself.  Why was it in possession of Duncan? There appears to be no obvious connection between the Norths who seemed to have been tradesmen in the 1750`s and the aristocratic family that include the Prime Minister Lord north,

Second Earl of Guilford. A link seems unlikely, but research continues.  Should anyone recognise this picture please contact us.

NOTES FROM OLD BOYS: We are beginning to get notes from other old boys. To see them go: Old Boy Notes

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