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Daughter of: Mary Lou North

The fact that three of the pictures on this page show Elinor with a horse is no accident. On horseback on the farm from an early age, she is now an accomplished and brave horsewoman and she is only 11 years old!

She thinks that riding offers escape and is sometimes scary but fun. “ Control of the horse is between the knees and in the head.  You need to trust the horse as a friend”.

Like Brennan, her brother, she loves Dartmoor for its space and clean air, even liking the cold winter days. “Even when it is gloomy,  spring is not far away with its new life”.

She likes to be in control (see firm directions above and left)

She is happy to be on her own doing her chores and she is a dab hand at feeding lambs by hand (left) and walking puppy hounds below

On the commando course that all the older grandchildren did, she  was one of the youngest but tackled everything with great courage.

She is a brave runner doing well for her age in the two hills race, but not dedicated to training, indeed she did very little for the race as she knew she was quite fit enough anyway! She is not a great fan of Rugby and does enjoy winding Brennan up.

She is comfortable with visiting her father, indeed she thinks she sees more of him since the divorce and enjoys him as more of a special friend.

She has good friends but I sense she is happy on her own too.

As to the future it is difficult to predict if her love of horses will remain a critical factor. She has shown no real interest in showing or in competitve events, in deed I am not sure she is a competitve person. I will be surprised if horses do not figure in her working life, which tends to suggest farming and it is clear she has enormous rapport with animals and the whole atmosphere of Dartmoor and its history, stone circles and so on. In this she is very like her mother.

Notes by Grandfather Jeremy 4/11/2008

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