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Daughter of:Simon Andrew Mathews (Sam) North

She has in turn kept sheep, ducks, chickens, pigs and of course there are dogs and cats in the house. However a fox got most of these and now the back field is let out.

Whilst she does not think of herself as sporting she did engage in football and  rugby with her two brothers and friends but more recently has been obsessed with bicycles and now with motorcycles, especially off roading.

She loves helping her Aunt Mary Lou with her farm, enjoys riding the Quad bike there and indeed machinery in general. She works on Saturdays in a motor cycle shop.

She has shown both bravery and good leadership skills both on a one day commando courses in 2007 and also on a night navigation exercise in 2008.

She enjoys drumming, guitar, art, digital image manipulation (with adobe photoshop) and her friends.
She does not see herself working abroad but might want to travel and back pack to Africa

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Born in 1993 in North London, Esme had the unusual experience of attending her Grandfathers wedding at 3 months old.

She just remembers her house in Muswell Hill and both Wella (a family friend who helped look after her) and Nikki who was a super nanny for all three children.

Though she did miss friends left behind in London, she feels very lucky to be where she is in Devon, with the freedom she has discovered together with her love of animals. Though she agrees she has felt cut off sometimes.

Diggory and Esme in 2003

She helps her maternal grandmother, Vikki, with her rare breed pigs at the Hatfield Show each year as a livestock steward

She is a caring person and has expressed interest in being a vet and a nurse in the past. To test whether she could stand up to trauma we set up an accident scenario in the back garden with a body lying in the pond with tomato juice all over it. However she attempted to stop the bleeding before noticing the large trout stuck in the body`s mouth. 

This does not seem to have put her off as she is currently considering a career as an army medic.

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