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Son of: Simon Andrew Mathew (Sam) North

Louie North was born in Muswell Hill in 1998, but remembers little of it apart from jumping into a knee high puddle and pouring oil onto a toy horse and burning it.
We rember being rather action oriented in these early years, being obsessed with guns and the army.  

Left: backpacing with Grandad on Dartmoor.

Below: when he was still keen on the army!

He says that being the youngest and smallest is OK and certainly he can hold his own. He is naturally talkative and asks lots of questions!

He likes to explore the woods and space around the house and says he enjoys the quiet (we are not sure this is correct!) However he finds the country makes him a little moody depending on the weather. 

 Below: Louie being gregarious!

He too did well on the commando course in 2007, dressing up in his army gear (below)!

We saw a new side to him when he had a key role in the school play in 1997. It seems he could be a natural on the stage which may be useful in life ! (See below)  

He loves acting club, table tennis, tennis, drumming and dancing.

Currently he thinks he might want to be an RSPCA inspector. Is it the uniform ?

He is only 10 so there is plenty of time!

Notes by his grandfather November 2008

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