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Joseph North was a turner like many of the Norths. The early baptism records  list a daughter Caroline born in 1821 to Allan and Elizabeth McIntyre  who were  living in Great Windmill Street,  where Charles North was born and where Joseph and Elizabeth North were living,  no 23, in 1815! There are records of Duncan and Elizabeth McIntyre who had a son, Duncan, b 1793 and Darren or Duncan (?), b1794.  In 1814 Mary Anne was born to Mary and Wallace McIntyre. The addresses were not included. This is pertinent because it may give a clue as to how and why the name McIntyre became incorporated into ours...could they have been scottish cousins because Charles Niven North appropriated the name McIntyre and claimed scottish ancestory. (See CNMN notes) McIntyre is a clan associated with carpenters.